Meet Owner and Founder Jayme Dingler!

Hello, friends!  My name is Jayme, and I want to help your organization garner the resources to make your mission possible.  A little bit about me:

In 2013, I joined the board of a local homeless shelter just before it embarked on a transition from a rotating cold-weather shelter to opening its first permanent shelter facility.  As the organization rapidly grew, I took on many of the communications duties, and became so passionate about our mission that I continually developed ideas to raise money to fund our ongoing expansion.

In 2017, circumstances allowed me to step down from the board and join the staff part time as the Marketing and Communications Director.  Six months later, our budget had expanded once again, and the board approached me to devise a fundraising strategy.  That marked the beginning of my tenure as a Marketing and Development Director. 

In the intervening years, as our organization grew exponentially and our budget nearly tripled, it was my job to ensure that we had the resources to support our program.  I am proud to report that, during my tenure, I was an integral part of increasing our income from $300,000 to just under $1 million in only three years!  In addition, we were able to create buy in from our entire community in support of our mission.

Having been a part of the growth of such an incredible organization gave me the inspiration to help other small nonprofits who are on the cusp of expansion and need help understanding how to approach the marketing and fundraising necessary to accomplish their goals.

I look forward to helping you to be What’s Good in the world!