FUNdraising Friday! (9/24/2021)

Welcome to FUNdraising Friday! Each week, I’ll provide tips on how to engage your Board of Directors in fundraising in a way that makes it easy and (of course) fun.

Today, let’s talk about the easiest possible thing a board member can do to engage in your organization’s development plan – Social Media!

Make sure you are following your organization on social media. If you are interacting with your org’s posts (reacting, commenting, sharing), it helps more people in your community to see them. Even if you only take a few seconds a week to go on and interact with all of your nonprofit’s posts for the week, you are helping!

Consider also inviting your friends and family to follow these pages. This is just about the most passive thing you can do to create a positive touch between your personal circle and your organization. See how EASY fundraising can be???

For more tips on board engagement in fundraising, check back here ever FUNdraising Friday or check out my book, “The Itty Bitty Book of Nonprofit Fundraising: Tips for Board Members from a Development Director who hates asking people for money” HERE!

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