FUNdraising Friday! (11/12/2021)

It’s #FUNdraisingFriday!!! Today, let’s dig into one of the most important things a Board Member MUST do – give to your organization!

Why is this important? For two big reasons.

1) Grantors don’t care how much TIME you dedicate to your organization. They want to see that your board is financially invested in your mission. If a grant application asks what percentage of your board gives, and your answer is anything less than 100%, you can pretty much kiss that grant goodbye. Why is this? Well, the answer to that question leads us to reason #2…

2) How can you ask someone to do something that YOU are not doing? Whether it’s a grantor or a potential donor, how can you possibly ask them to make a financial investment in your nonprofit if YOU have not?

This does not mean that you have to empty out your bank account and give it all to your organization. Nor is it a competition to see which Board Member can give the most (although if you have a board comprised of members who would be motivated by such a thing, go for it).

You should, however, make a gift that is significant within your personal financial context. Whether it is $5 per month or $50,000 per year, as long as you are giving a gift that is meaningful to you, you are fulfilling this part of your obligation to your organization.

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