FUNdraising Friday! (10/8/2021)

It’s #FUNdraisingFriday! Today, let’s talk about the stigma surrounding fundraising, which causes board members to be hesitant to participate. We typically think of fundraising as begging people for money… With that way of thinking, OF COURSE nobody wants to do it!

But fundraising is NOT about asking people for money. At some point, there is an “ask,” but the goal of fundraising is to cultivate a PERSONAL INVESTMENT in your organization. From that, most people will then make a FINANCIAL INVESTMENT. Once we start looking at fundraising from this lens, there are a countless things that your board might feel comfortable doing that are related to relationship building, and will dramatically help you to reach your fundraising goals.

For more tips on fundraising, come back to What’s Good each Friday or check out “The Itty Bitty Book of Nonprofit Fundraising: Tips for Board Members from a Development Director who hates asking people for money” HERE.

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