FUNdraising Friday! (10/29/2021)

Happy #FUNdraisingFriday! Today, let’s talk about something every Board Member should be doing… TALKING ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION!

If you are a part of your organization’s board, you are clearly passionate about the work your nonprofit is doing. If you aren’t going out into the world and sharing that passion with others, you are doing a big disservice to your organization.

**This does not mean going out and asking people for money.** Remember, our goal is to build relationships with potential donors and get them personally invested so that they will become financially invested. Talking about what you are a part of, telling success stories, sharing elements of your program that you find exciting – all of these things will help you to identify people in your circle who seem interested in your mission. Those are the people whose relationships you will want to steward, and yes, eventually someone will have to ask them for money.

For more board fundraising tips, come back to What’s Good every Friday, or check out the “Itty Bitty Book of Nonprofit Fundraising” here!

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