FUNdraising Friday! (10/15/2021)

Happy #FUNdraisingFriday! Today, we are going to talk about one of the SIMPLEST things that a board member can do to help your development plan that makes a BIG impact: Thanking donors.

Remember, fundraising is not about asking people for money. It is ultimately about cultivating relationships. When someone feels like they are a part of your mission, they will become personally and financially invested.
When someone makes a donation to your organization, you are required to send out a tax letter or email, and that should have some gratitude language in it, but no matter how flowery the language, the donor knows that is a form letter that you send to all of your donors.

If you want to make a personal impact on your donors, recruit some board members to send out *handwritten* thank you notes, to make personal thank you calls, or even to create thank you videos to your donors. This activity can be worked around their schedule, only takes minutes to do, and is a HUGELY important part of retaining your donor base.

Who knew that participating in fundraising could be so easy??

For more fundraising tips, come back to What’s Good each Friday, or check out my book “The Itty Bitty Book of Nonprofit Fundraising: Tips for Board Members from a Development Director who hates asking people for money” HERE!

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