FUNdraising Friday! (11/12/2021)

It’s #FUNdraisingFriday!!! Today, let’s dig into one of the most important things a Board Member MUST do – give to your organization! Why is this important? For two big reasons. 1) Grantors don’t care how much TIME you dedicate to your organization. They want to see that your board is financially invested in your mission.

FUNdraising Friday! (10/29/2021)

Happy #FUNdraisingFriday! Today, let’s talk about something every Board Member should be doing… TALKING ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION! If you are a part of your organization’s board, you are clearly passionate about the work your nonprofit is doing. If you aren’t going out into the world and sharing that passion with others, you are doing a

FUNdraising Friday! (10/15/2021)

Happy #FUNdraisingFriday! Today, we are going to talk about one of the SIMPLEST things that a board member can do to help your development plan that makes a BIG impact: Thanking donors. Remember, fundraising is not about asking people for money. It is ultimately about cultivating relationships. When someone feels like they are a part

FUNdraising Friday! (10/8/2021)

It’s #FUNdraisingFriday! Today, let’s talk about the stigma surrounding fundraising, which causes board members to be hesitant to participate. We typically think of fundraising as begging people for money… With that way of thinking, OF COURSE nobody wants to do it! But fundraising is NOT about asking people for money. At some point, there is

FUNdraising Friday! (9/24/2021)

Welcome to FUNdraising Friday! Each week, I’ll provide tips on how to engage your Board of Directors in fundraising in a way that makes it easy and (of course) fun. Today, let’s talk about the easiest possible thing a board member can do to engage in your organization’s development plan – Social Media! Make sure

What’s Good, LLC is open for business!

I am so very excited to officially welcome you to the What’s Good, LLC family! I have been very blessed in my life to find a calling that allows me to use my particular skill set to help make a difference in my community. I look forward to working with incredible local organizations to build